Hundreds of TX Panhandle Kids Have Nowhere to Go

Hundreds of Texas panhandle kids have nowhere to go. That's the word from one local agency that tries to find foster homes for them.

Catholic Family Service relies on fifteen area foster families to give kids a home when they need to leave their own behind. But right now, we're told as many as 300 area kids need a foster home, and the agency has no place to put them.

"Every one of our families is full.  And alot of them.. what they're licensed for they already have," says Ruth Vasquez, who places kids in homes through Catholic Family Service. Vasquez says her agency has lost foster families this year, mostly because they choose to permanently adopt kids instead. She says it could be next year before Catholic Family Service is able to find a temporary home for a child.

Catholic Family Service works with Child Protective Services - an agency that  also continues to battle a shortage of homes, but CPS tells us it always finds some kind of shelter for a child.