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al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Algerian Bombing

The North African branch of al-Qaida is claiming responsibility for today's bombings in Algeria that left more than two dozen people dead.
   The twin bombings sheared the facades off U.N. offices and a government building in Algeria's capital.
   A posting on a militant Web site describes how two suicide bombers drove the cars loaded with explosives. The statement calls the attack "another successful conquest'' in defense of Islam.
   A United Nations official says fatalities include at least five U.N. employees.
   Officials say at least 26 people were killed and 177 wounded.
Some sources say the toll is far higher. A doctor at one Algiers hospital puts the number killed at closer to 60.
   A U.N. spokeswoman in New York says the world agency is still trying to account for more than a dozen people.
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