Bush Comment on Recent Teen Drug Study

Illicit drug use by teens continued to gradually decline overall this year. 
 A new study shows decreases were seen among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders nationwide.
   However the study also finds the use of prescription painkiillers remains popular among teens.
    President Bush, who was briefed on the study today, calls the rise of prescription drug abuse troubling, but is optimistic the nation will be able to confront the challenge. 
 "The one exception to this trend is a rise in the abuse of certain prescription pain killers.
This is troubling and we're going to continue to confront the challenge, but the overall direction is hopeful," he said. 
   The President says marijuana use has fallen by 25 percent and illegal steroid use by as much as a third.
   He says the most encouraging statistic is the 64 percent decrease in the use of methamphetamine since 2001.