Mystery Monday - Scott

A 24 year old Amarillo woman is found smothered to death, and 7 years later, her mother is still leading the fight to catch her daughters killer.

NewsChannel 10 received a call from Joyce Ivory asking us to show her daughters case during our Mystery Monday segment.

Joyce Ivory says "the most devastating day of my life. I found out on the phone what happened to her... And I went down to the motel. It's the most awful thing you can ever have to deal with. It takes a piece of you that you never get back."

On June 9th, 2000, Shamika Scott's body is discovered inside a motel room by the Wagon Wheel Motel manager

Lt.Gary Trupe with the Amarillo Police Department's Special Crimes division says "first responding officers noticed some suspicious items in the room. There was a pillow there with a little bit of blood on it and there were some marks on Shamika. The immediate cause of death was something to do with drugs but secondary to that she may have been suffocated. We still believe to this day that Shamika was a victim of a homicide."

Shamika's mother says, no matter what she might have been involved in, that doesn't justify her life being taken. "She wanted to see what the other side was like.the other side didn't let her get back home."

Lt.Gary Trupe says there is one person who's name continues to come up, but there's never been able to make or to get that one piece of evidence to close out this case and make an arrest.

For Joyce Ivory, she says she will continue to press forward until an arrest is made. "I have to fight for my daughter. I have to be her voice. I have to do all I can do to help make sure the person or persons who took her life are found."

Lt.Trupe says this case could be solved, they just need someone to step forward and give them the details they are searching for. In fact, he tells us there are key pieces of evidence in the room that were never made public. They are asking the person who knows what they are to bring closure to this case.

You can do that by calling 378-9468. Police want you to know that you can remain anonymous.