Stocking Up to Prepare to Hunker Down

If you haven't had a chance to prepare for the weather headed our way, you still have time.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a look at how shoppers are getting ready to hunker down. You would think we're expecting a blizzard, the way people have been stocking up. Bread, milk, meat, you name it, shoppers are preparing for the worst.

Shoppers flooded Market Street Monday because they say it may be their last chance.

"I don't have to drive to Pampa and do exams so I'm taking advantage of it and hitting the stores before it gets crazy this evening," says Steve Williams, a professor at the Pampa site for Clarendon College.

Professor Williams was making his list and checking it twice to make sure he's grabbed what he needs.

"I'm getting staples like stew so we have things to eat if the power goes out."

Margaret Brummett has the same idea. She opted to brave the rain, instead of potential ice or snow.

"I'm planning on staying in because there's a lot of slipping and sliding and I don't want to fall," says Brummett.

Brummett got her hands on veggies, milk and bread. Things she and her family can eat for three or four days. And something else very important, her prescriptions. Meanwhile employees are trying to stock the shelves, to keep up with demand.

The store manager tells me they've had to call in extra help to keep food available, because several workers had to call in sick. He says he's even helping to bag groceries to keep lines moving.