Stranded Family Won't Have to Sleep on Floor Again

Some people stuck in Amarillo are grateful for a warm place to stay Monday Night.  NewsChannel 10 found out the difference that makes for members of one family who still don't know when they'll be home.

For Shalonda Purtty, the hardest part is over.  But the wait is not. "I wanna go home, I don't even want to have to stay here like this.  I wanna go home," she says.  Purtty and many other stranded people we spoke with say between filthy bathrooms and hard floors, they were miserable Sunday night. "I could hardly believe they were still running an operation like this," says Norma Ross, who has been travelling since Sunday.

"When you get this many people in there it's harder to clear out the restrooms so someone can get in there, but yes we get in there as quick as we can to get the bathrooms cleaned," says bus station manager Jerrie Coggin.  People who slept on the floor say there was no heat in one of the waiting rooms Sunday night.  "It was very cold, even with the blankets that we had and they're pretty heavy, we were still freezing," says Purtty.  "I do have heat in the station," says Coggin.  "I just wasn't aware that there's no heat down there so I'll go look into that and make sure there's heat down there."

The Salvation Army has now stepped in and offered shelter for the stranded travellers.  With a bed and a hot meal,  Purtty knows now things will be different.  "At least I know my kids will eat," she says.  "I'm kinda low on money so it makes a big difference."

If you have questions about shelter, you can contact the Salvation Army at 373-6331.