Stranded Travelers Could Have Slept in Beds

They say they spent the night on a cold floor because bad weather outside Amarillo stranded them at a bus station. But as NewsChannel 10 has learned.. that never had to happen. We now know there were free beds available just blocks away from the Greyhound station.

That's where we're told about a hundred people huddled on the floor to keep warm Sunday night. "Just a phone call," says Major Jim Waller with the Salvation Army, "that would solve the problem and we'd tell 'em send 'em on over, we'll take care of them." But Waller says he never received a phone call, and the bus station manager tells us she was unaware of any trip cancellations until Monday morning.

Waller says anyone still stuck at the bus station can spend the night and eat a hot meal at the Salvation Army for free. The bus station manager estimates at least sixty people will need a bed tonight because icy weather has closed some routes.

If you become stranded in Amarillo you can head to the Salvation Army at 400 South Harrison Street for help, or call them at 373-6631.