Police Stand-Off, Chase in Clovis

Police arrested a man after a number of stand-offs and chases Saturday in Clovis.

Police first pulled over 34 year old Ruben Quiroz of Clovis for a traffic violation.

Officers say he got out of his car as they approached, and they told him to get back inside.

He then pulled out a gun, and threatened to kill himself.

After a three minute stand-off, Quiroz got back in the car, and took of.

Police chased him, and as he drove out of the city the Curry County Sheriff's Department and New Mexico State Police joined in.

Quiroz drove back into the city, and Officers say he stopped at his home.

Another short stand-off took place, with Quiroz again threatening to kill himself.

He then drove off again and stopped at an abandoned gas station at 7th and Tharp.

Another stand-off took place, with Quiroz again threatening to kill himself.

At this point, Police Negotiators and the Quiroz family arrived.

Quiroz again got into his car, and drove into an abandoned field.

He then pulled out the gun again, and threatened to kill himself.

After that he drove to the Mission Gardens Cemetery.

There, Police Negotiators spoke to Quiroz to get him to drop the gun.

At this point, Police also found out Quiroz had a .243 Caliber rifle in the car with as well.

After several minutes, Quiroz got back in his car, and drove to a field just north of Bella Vista Elementary School.

The Police SWAT team arrived.

Negotiators continued to talk with the Quiroz family.

Quiroz's brother then talked with him under the guidance of Negotiators.

Police say Quiroz then slid the rifle out of the passenger side door window.

A few minutes later, he came out of his car with the pistol and dropped it, surrendering.

Police charged Quiroz with Driving on a Revoked License, Evading and Eluding a Police Officer, No Proof of Insurance, and Speeding.

Officers placed him into Mental Protective Custody for evaluation.