Grass Fire Update

A scary situation more than 20 fire units responded to a large grass fire in west Amarillo.

We got lucky today that the wind died...or this fire on Soncy and the Boulevard could have caused much more damage.

Fire officials on scene say it appeared there were several small grass fires that converged into one creating the large fire.

It quickly started blowing north...and consumed a large barn...and wiped it out.

The blaze started just before five this evening...and burned for about an hour very strong. 
But then...the firefighters got a little help from mother nature.

"We got lucky...allowed us to get it stopped."

From what i could tell on the scene there didn't appear to be any other major damage other than the barn that burned down...but we're still waiting for the official fire report.

Investigators have not determined the cause of the fire...but officials on scene told us many times when a fire starts on the edge of the road like this one probably usually is caused by a cigarette.