Thieves Connecting to Your Internet

You may think you are the only one accessing your home internet.. But you may be sharing the signal with an identity thief.

When we first heard about "war driving" and "packet sniffing"... It sounded like you would need to be an expert to pull it off.. But in just 10 minutes my personal computer was set up with free software we downloaded from the internet... And we were online.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says, "We are over here between coulter and bell off of hillside and each one of these dots is a wireless access points.. And this program that we have over here... As we have driven along we have actually picked up all of these wireless access points."

Once a person has logged on to your wi-fi connection they can then begin "packet sniffing"... Meaning they record everything you do on the internet... Hoping you will check your bank account or charge something on your credit card.

Not all signals can be cracked though... And here are some ways to make sure yours is one of those.

"Go through the security settings and actually name it something that is unique but nothing that reveals anything about you personally. And to actually set the encryption, the encryption is what keeps people out of it. It's the password. Also set it where it will not broadcast.. Its called an ssid. You want to uncheck the broadcast or ssid, that makes it harder for someone to even tell there is even a wireless network." Wilson says.

While we did drive around and look for signals... We did not use packet sniffing services.