Concerts Held to Remember Brian Deneke

His death and the trial following it had the nation referring to Amarillo as "The Town Without Pity."

Ten years later, Brian Deneke's parents want to keep his memory alive and are doing so with concerts in Amarillo this weekend.

Next Wednesday will mark the tenth anniversary of when Deneke was run over by a so-called prep in Western Plaza.

And when the driver of the car, Dustin Camp, was given only probation for the death, Brian's parents were shocked, saying,"we were very disappointed with the turnout of the trial....they put Brian on trial more than camp."

They claim Brian and his friends were singled out because they were different.

They say Brian has become a symbol of tolerance and respect for different kinds of people.

Friday night at 7 and Saturday night at 5 they will host several bands, many of them the punk type Brian enjoyed, at The Nat to remember him.  Admission is $5 and a canned food item.  Concert proceeds will go to charity.