Local Man Grateful for Food Bank

Fewer canned good donations from big food companies means area appetites are harder to fill.
The High Plains Food Bank tells NewsChannel 10 they're lining pantries less often with leftovers and mislabeled cans from companies like Kraft, ConAgra, and Del Monte.

"That used to be product that we received at the food banks because it was cheaper for them than to take product back and have to put new labels on it," says Janie Singleton, Executive Director for the Food Bank. Singleton says those companies have become more efficient and have fewer excess cans to give. The shortage means agencies like the Salvation Army - who depend on the food bank -  have to spend extra money to feed the hungry.  Gary Gage is grateful there's still enough to go around.

"To come in and to get a meal.. it beats eatin' out of a dumpster," he says.  Goods the Salvation Army purchases from the food bank help feed up to 200 people a day.   With the shortage, the agency has switched to sandwich lunches and cereal breakfasts on Saturday to stretch their dollar.