Veterans Out Of Work, Resources To Help

Veterans are coming home to find themselves out of jobs. Here in the Texas Panhandle there are job resources available for veterans, and all they need to do is take advantage of them.

Marshall Green is a veterans employment representative for the panhandle work source. He says there are 225 veterans in the Texas Panhandle looking for  jobs that pay.

"salaries in the military now are getting up to be where they are fairly substantial so the idea of somebody coming out of the military is going to go into a $8.50 job is a drastic pay cut for veteran."

Green says the "Work In Texas" program provides options.

"When employers post jobs on work in Texas it allows veterans only on the first day of posting. It gives veteran kind of a job or a little  bit of a preference."

A  new software called O-net takes things a step further.  Green says it helps vets with little or no experience.

"The service person comes into our office and they do not have a lot of experience other than military experience, were able to have a software that we can plug in what their MOS was in the military. For instance if it was a 25 U, which is radio technology that type of thing, we actually go into ONET put that in and it will run up information on what they have learned in that particular MOS in the military that coincides with job ability on the outside."

And the civilian jobs that match are Radio Operations, Radio Mechanics, installation of Dish Network and cable.  Green says his department found 70 vets jobs in November. He also says many vets aren't aware of all the job resources that are available to them.  He encourages them to come in for a one on one consultation or call the Panhandle Work Source at 372-5521 for more information.