Halo 3 at root of $5 million lawsuit

Redmond (WA) - If Halo 3 has caused your Xbox 360 to crash, then you've experienced the complaint behind a new class-action lawsuit targeted at Microsoft and Bungie.

Plaintiff Randy Nunez is seeking class-action status for a lawsuit he filed against the two game companies, alleging that Halo 3 "routinely, consistently, and systematically 'froze', 'crashed', or 'locked up'" the system.

Nunez says these factors cause the system to be "totally inoperable" as a result of playing Halo 3.  He alleges that because of these play issues, the game is defective and should be noticed as such by the courts.

The suit also claims that Microsoft and Bungie knew about these problems but shipped the game for release anyway.

The lawsuit seems more aimed at attacking the reliability issues of the Xbox 360, which have caused massive headaches for Microsoft already.

Nunez is seeking $5 million in total monetary compensation.