Nintendo DS game claims to teach ambidexterity

Majesco Entertainment today announced the availability of Left Brain Right Brain, a new DS game that it says can help users become ambidextrous.

Taking a page from the "Brain Age" strategy, Left Brain Right Brain promotes the idea of mental puzzles and games that are claimed to help increase functional brain activity.

The twist with Left Brain Right Brain is that is encourages users to use their non-dominant hand.  The title includes multiple mini-games that players can try out with their right hand and their left hand, and then the game compares the scores between hands.

"Players will enjoy the wide variety of games designed to help each hand keep pace with their brain," said Majesco executive VP Gui Karyo.

Like Brain Age, Right Brain Left Brain is played by turning the DS on its side, creating a book-like ergonomic design.  The game is available now for around $20.