Tanker Explosion

Coast Guard officials say it doesn't appear that any of the gasoline that spilled this morning when a tanker truck overturned in Everett, Massachusetts, reached storm drains leading to rivers.

The tanker was carrying 9,400 gallons of fuel when it caught fire, spewing a river of flames that burned at least two homes and as many as 40 cars.

One man who was awakened by a ''big bang'' says he ran outside and jumped into his car -- not realizing that the fire from the overturned tanker truck was spreading around him.

Chris Barrow tells a radio station (WBZ) he had to drive over the fire, and then noticed his car was on fire. He says he got out of the car, and it exploded about two minutes later.

Nearly residents were quickly evacuated, and officials say no serious injuries or deaths have been reported.

The truck driver was cited for speeding.