Make Money Playing Video Games


Ever think you could make money playing video games? Have you ever dreamed about turning your high score into money? Well now that dream can become a reality. London-based games publisher, Kwari has created a new multiplayer online gaming service with a twist.

The game "Kwari", the same name as the company, represents a whole new approach to multiplayer online gaming. Kwari is a sci-fi first-person shooter in which you can earn money by playing.

Every time you hit another player you make money, but you can also lose money if you are hit by another player. You don't have to kill them just causing them damage wins you money. The health bar is your bankroll, and every shot that hits you deducts money from your account and adds it to the shooter's Game stakes can range from $0.01 to $1.00 per hit.

Besides killing people you can also earn cash in crates. Throughout levels, there are destructible crates which contain various items including money. Similarly, another method to earning cash is through Kwari prizes. One of the major prizes described to use from Kwari is the Pill Jackpot. Think of it as a capture the flag with a twist.

A Pill, not an actual Pill more like a smoking sphere, appears in a level. The jackpot is awarded to the player with the most time holding the Pill, and the player to hold it when the level ends.

At no point does Kwari take any of the money. All of the cash generated through playing the game goes back to the players in the form of prizes. What makes Kwari even more interesting is that it's a free download.

So if the game is free and Kwari takes no money from players, then how does Kwari make any profit? In Kwari you get charged for the most obvious tool in a FPS, ammunition. The price of ammunition has not been finalized currently, but Kwari officials assure us that it will not be too expensive.

Gamers who are afraid of losing a ton of money to more experienced players can rest assured. Officials described to use a ranking system in which experienced players can only play people on their skill level. Also, Kwari does have a practice mode so you can hone your skills before you play for real money.

There are no teams, no clans, no grouping at all. This is solely an individual multiplayer event. Furthermore, you will not know who you are playing against or who you are losing to as game developers have blocked all player identification during game play. Kwari officials feel that in a potentially high stakes game like this one, anonymity is key. Therefore, blocking player information is really done to protect players from potential harm.

The technology that was provided to make this game a reality is top notch. Companies like Sun Microsystems and Oracle to name a few. C++ and Python are predominantly the technologies used to build this game using a Java backend. Interestingly enough, the system and network that Kwari runs on was previously used to support a rather robust financial framework which was the primary business of Kwari's founder. Since this game relies heavily on financial transactions occurring on a fraction of a second its fortunate that they have a system in place that can potentially handle this.

Kwari has no official release date but they are in a trial Beta phase. Gamers can submit a request to be on the Beta team and give Kwari a try. Ammo is free and all money is simulated for testing purposes.