ACE Gaming Sued over Legal Issues

Despite several raids carried out to eradicate illegal gambling in Potter County, county officials say such establishments continue to thrive in Amarillo. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a look at who has been shut down, and who the state is gearing up to close down next.

ACE gaming is being targeted by the state in a civil lawsuit. That's why the facility has been closed for two weeks and counting.

No lights, no big winners - no gambling. ACE gaming is being sued by the state for being a common nuisance, or operating a gambling place prohibited by state law. The facility is closed now, while the lawsuit is pending. Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says it's an exception to the gambling law that is in question.

"It has this exclusion from the definition that everyone is concerned with that says a device is not a gambling device if it's used for bonafide gambling purposes, and rewards users solely with non-cash merchandise," says Brumley.

Since the beginning of the year, dozens of illegal gambling spots have been raided. Potter County has recovered more than 300 machines, thousands of dollars and other property. ACE isn't being raided in the same fashion, because they haven't tried to hide what they do. It's all been out in the open.

"Most 8-liner establishments have operated like speak-easys. They have to know who you are or you aren't getting in. There been no advertising, except with ACE," says Brumley.

Attorney's for ACE gaming tell me they're convinced they're operating a legal business. They want to get the case to court quickly so they can open back up possible.