You Could Be Driving On Recalled Tires And Not Know It

Thousands of tires are recalled every year.  And some people are driving on them without even knowing it.

An alarming number of people are driving on Tires that have been recalled and they don't even know, and tire experts are calling a public safety crisis. Mark Martin a tire expert at Discount Tire says if he had to rate how important tires are when it comes to you and your families safety while driving ...he says it's high on the list.

"It's the top safety of your car, it ranks right up there with wearing your seat belt and driving the speed limit."

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration also called only 20 percent of recalled tires are actually turned in. Meaning a staggering 80 percent are still driving with them unknowingly.  And most locals NewsChannel 10's Stephanae Benson spoke with didn't know if their tires have been recalled.

"No ma'am I sure don't."

"No, not that I know of."

"No I don't."

The Transportation Safety Administration says thousands of deaths and serious injures are caused by tire failures every year.

"It's a public safety concern and it's getting to be more and more as we have so many more millions of cars coming on the market." said Eddie Wynn, President of Texas Tire and Tube.

Some experts blame the tire recall system because they don't feel that the current tracking system works.

"If it's recorded with a computer center so when the tire is recalled or if the tire is recalled they will notified by this computer center. Otherwise they will not know it unless it's published in the newspaper."

And N.H.T.S.A. says only 12 percent are actually reported.  To see if you tires have been recalled log on to

or the manufacturer of that tire.