Some Amarillo Businesses Cry Fraud

They handed over the money but never got what they paid for. That's what two local businesses tell Newschannel 10 about ads they say they thought they were buying from an Amarillo newspaper.

Amarillo police say be skeptical. One business manager says she received what looked like legitimate receipts for her company's purchase, but when she opened Sunday's paper and found no ad for her company, it was too late to get her money back.

Kathy Garza wants police to catch the man who left her the receipt. "It's just fraud," she says.  "He does look very professional. He does have Amarillo Globe-News receipts. I did receive a receipt from Amarillo-Globe News and it looks legitimate."

Police say something that looks legitimate is not enough. "Make a phone call, don't just take for granted," says Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with Amarillo Police. "Even if they show you something that looks official, still make a phone call."

In a statement the Globe-News acknowledges they're aware someone is misrepresenting themselves as an employee of the paper about a new publication they're starting, and that is not true. The Globe-News encourages people to contact the newspaper or police if they're approached by someone making those claims.

Garza says she won't be fooled again. You can reach Amarillo Police at 378-3038.