Mystery Monday - Donald Lutz

Donald Lutz
Donald Lutz

Halloween night... 2003... An Amarillo man is shot multiple times in his home and left for dead..

An Amarillo billboard still ask residents to think of Lutz... It was put up more than a year ago... Hoping to jog someone's memory... Tonight we are doing the same thing..

The murder of Donald Lutz is tonights Mystery Monday.

Lt. Gary Trupe says, "He was a fair business man, treated his customers good, treated his employees good, he was hard working... He was the first one there and the last one to leave at the end of the day. And he was brutally murdered inside his home. We could find really a reason for anybody to kill him."

While they can't find a reason why... It doesn't change that someone entered Lutz's home the last day in October 2003 and shot him multiple times.

"The body wasn't found until November the 2nd... But we are convinced the man was killed on Halloween day in 2003." Trupe says.

In the four years since the crime... Investigators haven't stopped working to bring Lutz's family closure..

"We think there is someone out there that can give us the one key piece of information that would lead to an arrest in this case. We have what we believe is a suspect... And I can't identify that person, but I think that if someone holds the key to this and they can give us enough evidence that we can actually file a case against the person for murder." Trupe says.

"I am hoping as time goes on that someone feels that twinge and says... Ok now is the time to come forward and say something. Don was a true victim.. There was no reason for him to be murdered." Trupe says.

If you have any information on the murder of Donald Lutz.... Please call APD Special Crimes at 378-9468...