Video Games Pose Threat to Kids' Health

Video game violence could be making your child more aggressive.

In fact, a new report says exposure to violence in games is just as dangerous to your children as cigarette smoke.

Video games are huge sellers around this time of year. But parents should know a few things before heading to the store to pick up a game.

Although the system has been around for some time, local video game retailers tell us parents still do not take advantage of the video game rating system.

The ratings go from 'E' for everyone to 'M' for mature, along with an explanation of why the game has the rating it has.

When told about the ratings, customers are surprised but glad they can monitor what children play.

The 'M' rating even requires identification be shown at the time of purchase.

An estimated 83 percent of homes with children have video game units ranging from simple Nintendos to the popular X-Box.