Shop for Cops

If you saw lots of cops outside Wal-Mart Monday night, don't worry they were there for a good cause.

The Salvation Army enlisted the help of several different law enforcement agencies to give some kids a christmas, they would not have otherwise received.

The officers showed up at the Wal-Mart on 45th & Coulter to assist the kids as they spent their $50 gift cards.

The cards are a gift to help these kids celebrate christmas.

"They said I wanna go. She said, I wanna ride in the cop car, we can get there faster. I said we're gonna ride in our car," said one mother.

There were several different law enforcement agencies on hand, and it's a nice break for them to help out and break the every day routine.

"I hope this helps to show that there are good people out there that care. It's fun for us to have fun for a change instead of seeing all the bad things," said Cpl. Tedd Lanning of the Potter County Sheriff's Department.

Every kid in attendance had there own officer and their own gift card. Wal-Mart continues the giving on Tuesday, when 200 area teenagers will receive the gift cards for shoes and clothing.