TxDOT to Have Fewer Funds for Roadways

Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman
Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman

TxDOT will now have fewer funds to fix area roadways. NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg has the details on what you can expect from round two of the agency's cutbacks.

This time it's a direct order from Austin: cut back the budget 10%. TxDOT now faces that challenge in addition to rising costs. Spokesman Paul Braun tells me the agency is doing the best it can to keep existing roads in shape. Amarillo drivers we spoke with don't want that to slow down.

$3 million. That's what leaders in Austin want Amarillo's TxDOT to live without.

"Our seal coat projects, our crack sealing, hatching work, all those kinds of things are being looked at to prioritize them of course," says Braun

Braun says the agency's goal is to get to all of those projects, though he concedes some maintenance work could be delayed, that's something area drivers don't want to see.

"It's better on the cars if they take care of 'em right away and get done with them right away."

"You know if they do it right the first time they wouldn't have to keep goin back and doin' it."

Though he won't say where, Braun says TxDOT is looking to make some cuts so the agency won't have to sacrifice maintenance and safety. But now for projects like road widening, a red light is all but guaranteed.

"The chances of new projects over the next couple of years have been greatly diminished."

Braun says TxDOT began work Monday on a budget trimming proposal to send to Austin. He declined to comment on whether the cutbacks might put any local TxDOT jobs in jeopardy.