Clinton Hostage Suspect Arraigned

The man accused of taking hostages at a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire will remain behind bars.

A judge today ordered Leeland Eisenberg to be held on $500,000 cash bail on six felony charges. And, the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for him.

As Eisenberg watched impassively by way of a video hookup, the judge said he wants to make sure he ``doesn't go anywhere until he is dealt with properly.''

Prosecutors said Eisenberg has a long criminal record, including two rape convictions, and that he'd be a threat to the public.

But a public defender said Eisenberg is a desperate man in need of help, and that he had been turned away many times by state and federal officials. He says Eisenberg had made repeated suicide attempts in the past.

Eisenberg allegedly took hostages at Clinton's storefront office in Rochester, New Hampshire, on Friday, showing them what he said was a bomb strapped to his chest. Authorities say it turned out to be road flares.

Nobody was hurt in the five and a-half-hour drama.