Controversy at Local Church

A congregation divided.  That is how some members of an area church describe the status of their membership.  And today they had to make a decision on whether to stay in their denomination or break away from it.

The congregation of Perryton's First Christian Church had to decide today if they would stay in a denomination whose direction, some feel, is heading down a very wrong path.

Three issues were called into question: the role of homosexuals in the church, so-called alternative methods of salvation besides through Christ, and how much of a role the Bible plays in a believer's life.

The pastor and elders in the church pushed for a withdrawal from the Disciples of Christ.

But that did not happen.  They needed two-thirds of the congregation to vote in favor of breaking away and did not get it.

The pastor says he now must think long and hard about where to go from here.

He as well as several members told us today the church had twice as many in attendance than on any other Sunday.  That, they say, is due to the vote.