Some Local Parents Peeved About School Rule

Some local parents want to cancel a school rule that bars them from walking their kids to class. 
We went to South Georgia Elementary to learn more about what's making some moms look elsewhere for public schools. For Kelly Mackie, not being able to walk her six-year-old son to class means she doesn't know what he's walking into.

"There is a difference when you're allowed to go to the classroom door.   There's a difference in how you feel connected and that you know the teacher," says Mackie.

Parents can only walk their children up the main hallway, where a sign says "students only beyond this point."  Beyond the hallway, students must walk to class by themselves.

"It's what works for South Georgia," says principal Stephanie Friemel.  "Academic standards are high, safety standards are high and we want to protect that."

Friemel insists the policy also builds students' independence and promotes punctual class start times.  She notes parents can see teachers by scheduling an appointment.  But some moms with young children say they won't send their kids to South Georgia for kindergarten next year if the policy is still in place.

"I don't agree with it," says Desarae Baer, whose daughter starts kindergarten in 2008.   "They're our children and we should be able to be with them any time we want and walk 'em...I don't understand why they would make that rule.  They're our kids, they're not their kids."

Mackie points out the policy is not even in the student handbook, but principal Friemel says that could change.

"It's something we can consider and I can certainly take it back... to my building leadership team and make that addendum." It's not enough for Mackie though; she insists her son won't be attending South Georgia next year.