Asthma Attacks Increasing In Panhandle Children

Doctors warn the onset of asthma attacks increases as the weather changes and the holiday season approaches.

Dry climate, wind and dust are triggers, but they say second hand smoke is the main culprit.   Doctor also say folks may not realize it but bringing out those christmas ornaments and moldy trees cause more suffering to children with asthma. They offer some suggestions to help alleviate the symptoms.

"Keep your house clean, use generously vacuum cleaner in your house. If you have rugs in your house get rid of them. Clean, plain surface is a great place for a child." said Dr. Ali a local Pediatrician.

One parent says educating the child on what to do if an asthma attack happens.

"If she does feel like she's having an asthma attack she knows to calm herself down enough to tell someone she's having a hard time breathing find her inhaler, use her inhaler and calm enough to let the medicine kick in and she goes about her day."

Doctors say remember to see your physician immediately if you feel the medication your child on is not working.