Some Parents Say School Rule Crosses the Line

Some parents say a local school is crossing the line when it comes to keeping parents out of the classroom.

We went to the principal to find out why moms and dads are not allowed to walk kids to class.   Principal Stephanie Friemel says it's about safety, fostering kids' independence and starting class on time.   At her school, all students -  including kindergarteners -  are not allowed to have their parents walk them to their classroom door.

They can only go as far as this hallway sign. "I am doing what I feel is in the best interest of all the kids being served here at South Georgia and that is making sure every kid is safe," Freimel says. But parents with young children we spoke with say promoting a child's independence and keeping her safe is their call and the sign simply gets in the way of a parent-teacher relationship.

"Take down that sign, and if a parent wants to walk in, let 'em, and say how are you doing this morning? glad to see you," says Kelly Mackie. Principal Freimel tells me she has not received complaints from parents about the policy.

While she says it supports academic success and does not plan to change it, she encourages parents to share their concerns with the school.