Amtrak Train Crashes Into Freighter

It appears most of the passengers aboard an Amtrak train that collided with a freight train in Chicago today were able to walk away from the crash scene.

A fire department spokesman says none of the 187 passengers appeared to have suffered serious injuries, though some were taken away on stretchers and backboards.

One traveler, who had a small cut on his nose, says most passengers, like him, were the ``walking wounded.'' He says ``Everybody just hit the seat in front of them'' when the trains


An Amtrak spokesman says five employees were seriously hurt.

They were in an engine car, where most of the damage was concentrated.

The Amtrak train was en route from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Chicago, when it plowed into the back of the freight train.

No word on what caused the accident or what the freight train was carrying. The two trains were on the same track. The Amtrak spokesman says it's unclear which train was in the wrong place.