Recall RoundUp, November 30th

In this Recall RoundUp:

If you bought a Performax or Wilton 10 inch sliding miter saw, stop using it. Made by the WMH Tool Group Inc., the saw's handle switch can fail, causing it to smoke, spark, trip circuit breakers, and even keep operating after you turn it off. They sold at home centers and hardware retailers from August 2006 through March 2007.

As you put your Christmas Tree up, and hang ornaments, you may actually want to take these ornaments down. Made by Reeves Intl., and sold by JC Penny's, the paint on the ornaments has too much lead. They sold between July 2006 and October 2007.

If you have these confetti bursts made by American Greetings, don't open them up. They sold at stores around the Country. The paint on each bag has too much lead. They sold from December 2003 through September 2007.

All three products were made in China. Follow the link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's web site for specific product information, and information on refunds or replacements.