Germ Thursday-Viewers Choice

You voted and we listened... Tonight's Germ Thursday is viewers choice.

It passes through dozens of hands everyday... And is never cleaned..

Plus... Your favorite gym accessory is a breading ground for bacteria and mold..

Those are the items you requested on tonight Germ Thursday.

This is an mp3 player. And this area right here is the button we use, Cynthia Pratt, Graduate Student says.

So most of the bacteria is where it's handled... It's a mold colony, bacteria, and a couple other types of bacteria which is our normal skin flora.

You have to remember with mold colonies it only takes one colony to land and mold is everywhere.

This next colony is a few coins. We have a several types of coag negative staph, and dipthroids. We also have one mold colony which probably came from one spore that just happened to land on one of the coins. You have to think that you have mold on your bread and cheese so it very regular to see.

It wasn't just coin money that was harboring bacteria and mold... we also tested a dollar bill.

We have some bacili species and a gram negative rod.

They are handled quite often and its just important to remember that several people have handled that.

Many people touch their tongue than count the money. That's a habit that needs to change. We have different types of flora in our mouth when you touching saliva, you are transferring that to the dollar bill and then back in your mouth which is dangerous. Dr. Ghosh says.

Remember... These are germs we carry with us everyday... And are only a problem if you have an open wound they infect or your immune system is low.