Thornberry, Others Praise Pantex

Its productivity and safety levels are making an impression on national security leaders across the country.

In fact, this past year was the most productive and safe year yet.

United States Representative Mac Thornberry was in Amarillo today with some of his colleagues.

Their main mission today was to give thanks to the people of both the Panhandle and Pantex for their hard work in keeping our nation safe.

Congressman Thornberry says he is very proud of the work Pantex has done, saying "it is the only facility that can do what we do. Nuclear deterrent is the centerpiece of our national security."

And one of his colleagues, Ellen Tauscher of California, who is an expert on nuclear nonproliferation, feels the same way and says Pantex is instrumental in keeping America safe.  She says "we work in a bipartisan way to achieve the best national security for the American people. Pantex is a vital mission."

The members of Congress are wrapping up a four day tour of nuclear weapons facilities in the Southwest.

Thornberry says "Pantex is their last stop because that's where all these different pieces come together for nuclear weapons and our nuclear deterrent."

He says the number of projects completed safely by Pantex this past year and the safe manner in which they were carried out are both to be applauded.