High Blood Pressure in Children

It's a silent but serious condition that can happen to any child, high blood pressure.

If not treated or even diagnosed, the effects can be deadly.

A Pediatric Cardiologist says many times the warning signs go undetected, so it's important to have your child's blood pressure checked every time they go to the doctor.

Dr. Gene Luckstead, says "If you measure them for their height, and you measure them for their weight, you should also do their blood pressure, to know what's going on."

He says one of the misconceptions many people have about high blood pressure is that it only happens in obese peope, but it can happen to anyone.

"Some people assume because their big and maybe look fat, they have high blood pressure but isn't always true, you still have to do the measurement," he said.

A Normal B-P level should read 130 over 80 but can very.

Some of the symptoms of high blood pressure include headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Though doctors don't know what exactly causes high blood pressure, you should still get your child checked.

Luckstead said "a vast majority of kids with high blood pressure is caused by family genetics, we  don't really know why."

One way he says to combat high blood pressure is by keeping your kids active and teach them good eating habits.

He also suggests joining in on the fun, because what you do your kids will do also.