Truckstop Prostitution

Lot Lizard is a term used for prostitutes that travel door to door at truckstops offering their services. Those services can include sex and drugs.

When we received a call from a driver who said Amarillo had the worst case of Lot Lizards, we had to investigate.

We decided to go undercover to find out how bad the problem is first hand. We sent a crew inside the driver's truck, and another crew in an unmarked unit out to catch all the action.

It didn't take long on our first night out to find the activity all over the CB Radios. Soon after we saw som activity going on in the truck stop, the police showed up and arrested one of the girls. Very quickly the others involved were warned of the police activity on the lot. While the police were there things quieted down, but as soon as they left it picked back up.

They eventually noticed our undercover unit, and we went home for the night.

The next night it was even worse. Every place we went had some activity going on. We went back to our stop from the night before, and while some transactions were taking place, the lot was quickly warned of our undercover unit as soon as he showed up on site.

It was very easy to tell why the police are fighting a constant battle against this activity. It is a very organized network.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department confirmed the activity, and told us they do send someone out nearly every night. Both he and the driver mentioned it is hard to stop, because some of the drivers work with the girls to hide them.

They both also said the situation can become violent when one side or the other decides to rob the other party.