Landfill Being Filled With Recyclable Products

2000 tons of trash is recycled every month throughout the Texas Panhandle. Of that amount about 25 percent is from Amarillo.

At the landfill products like water bottles, cardboard boxes and aluminum cans shouldn't be there, but they are. Waste management officials say these items can be recycled throughout Amarillo at various businesses in town like Walmart and United supermarkets. Several different recycle bins are usually in the parking lot at those locations.

"Those are the easy things to recycle like plastics, aluminum, bimetal, newspaper and things of that nature," said Director of Public Works Michael Rice.

Officials say make sure items are put in the proper bins that are marked with that items name on it, no mix matching. Also, remove hazardous materials before recycling, like motor oil from it's container.

"When they recycle the oil container and we bring the plastics back to our facility the jug that the oil is in actually explodes inside of our  baylor so we actually have motor oil in our baylor which contaminates a lot of the plastics going in it," said Site Manager of Allied Waste Recyclery.

Recycle Bins are at all Wal-marts except for the Grand street location.  Also, two United locations one on Georgia and the onther on 45th and Bell.

For more information on Amarillo's recycling program and locations call the City Of Amarillo Public Works Department at 378-3000 and Allied Waste Recyclery at 374-7425.