Electronic Items Become Hazardous In Landfill

Hazardous waste is leaked from electronic items that are not properly disposed of.  Waste that can contaminate ground water. 
Tons of trash fill our landfills locally.  Many of the items such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard boxes are just some examples of items that can be recycled.  Waste management experts say the more problematic items are electronic products. 
"We prefer for all those products to go someplace else where they can be disposed of properly. There are materials in those that we try to avoid receiving at the landfillthemselves."  said Amarillo Public Works Director Michael Rice.  

Most of those items are electronics we use every day.

"Cell phones, copy machines, dvd players, vcr players, any type of computer, printer, fax machine, we have a list."  said Allied Waste Recyclery Site Manager Kim Vincent.

That's because they don't want  hazardous materials like lead and mercury to leak into the landfill and possibly contaminate ground water.  So Allied Waste offers a program in Amarillo to make sure electronic items are disposed of properly. 

"They can come and  recycle their electronics for a small fee. Those electronics are actuually sent to a mill in austin and they are broke down and the materials claimed out of them and made into new products."  
To participate in the hazardous materials recycling program, contact Allied Waste Recyclery at 374-7425.