Sample TAKS Test Questions


1 The graph of the equation y = 0.4x 2 - 2 is

shown below.

If the graph is translated 3 units up, what will

be the equation of the resulting graph?

A y = 0.4x 2 + 1

B y = 0.7x 2 - 2

C y = 0.4x 2 + 5

D y = 3.4x 2 - 2

2 A basketball player made 12 free throws in

his last 36 attempts. How many free throws

would the basketball player be expected to

make in 78 attempts?

F 20

G 26

H 52

J 234

3 George saves 15% of his total gross weekly

earnings from his 2 part-time jobs. He earns

$6.15 per hour from one part-time job and

$7.25 per hour from the other part-time job.

George works a total of 40 hours between the

two jobs each week. What additional

information is needed to determine the

amount of his earnings he saves each week?

A The number of days he works at each job

B The number of hours he works at each job

C The number of hours he works each day

D The number of hours he works each



Independent Project


Assumption: The ability to sort playing

cards is an indication of alertness.


1. Shuffle a deck of playing cards

four times

2. Time how long it takes to sort the

cards into the four suits

3. Repeat the activity at the same

times for five days


Time of Day             Average Sorting Time

8:00 A.M.                    130

12:00 NOON                105

4:00 P.M.                     122

8:00 P.M.                     127

1 Which of the following conclusions is

supported by these data?

A Alertness is directly related to level of


B Shuffling methods can affect alertness.

C Alertness levels vary during the day.

D Long periods of rest improve alertness.

2 A study shows that 40% to 100% of raw

poultry is contaminated by disease-causing

bacteria. Which of the following activities

provides people the best protection from these


F Rinsing dishes thoroughly

G Eating a balanced diet daily

H Visiting a doctor regularly

J Cooking foods properly

Characteristics of Some Lizards

  • Live mainly in hot, dry climates
  • Release very little water
  • Excrete waste in the form of solid uric acid, which contains very little water

4 Which of the following is best supported by

the information shown above?

F These lizards evolved in arid habitats.

G Modern lizards drink more water than

their ancestors did.

H These lizards cool themselves by


J Modern lizards excrete more water than

their ancestors did.

A De-Icing Experiment

Some species of plants that commonly grow

near roadways are used in an experiment.

The plant species are divided into control

groups and experimental groups. All groups

are grown under identical conditions except

that the experimental groups are given daily

applications of a de-icing solution that is used

on roadways in winter. At the end of one

month, the growth of the control and

experimental groups is compared.

5 Which of the following is the most likely

hypothesis for the experiment described


A Vegetation that grows near roadways

requires more water than vegetation in

other areas.

B De-icing solution causes roadways to have

more space for vegetation.

C Vegetation near roadways changes the

effectiveness of de-icing solution.

D De-icing solution affects some types of
vegetation that grow near roadways.

Social Studies

Use the information in the box and your

knowledge of social studies to answer the

following question.

  • Unhealthy working conditions
  • Unequal distribution of wealth
  • Long working hours for little pay
  • Growing incidence of wage cuts

1 The conditions listed above best explain the

growth of -

A farmer alliances

B urban areas

C national railroads

D labor unions

Use the diagram and your knowledge of

social studies to answer the following


Overproduction of Crops


Lack of Soil-Conservation Practices


Drought and Windstorms


Crop Failure


Rise in Farm Foreclosures


2 Which of the following best completes the

diagram above?

A Growth of the Banking Industry

B Suspension of Government Assistance

C Increase in Farm Production on the Great


D Mass Migration of Farmers from the Dust

Unalienable Rights

Life, ______, Pursuit of Happiness

3 Which of the following best completes the


F Liberty

G Justice

H Equality

J Property