Mystery Monday - Technology Solves Cold Cases

Two murder cases sit cold for more than 15 years...   Until technology leads police back to the killers. Unlike what you see on TV not many murders are solved in an hour. In fact several detectives and nearly two decades to solve these.

Catching the killers of Narnie Bryson and David Leroy Swinford in tonights Mystery Monday. 81 year old Narnie Bryson was found beaten, raped and strangled in her own bed.. 22 years goes by..

Lt. Gary Trupe with APD Special Crimes says, "Modina Holmes was going back over evidence we had in this case, and looked at a sheet that was underneath Narnie on her bed and we decided to resubmit that sheet. The sheet had already been sent to the FBI laboratories back in the 80's. They found a stain, a stain they thought was left by the suspect that wasn't tested at all by the FBI lab. It ended up being semen.

They took the unknown DNA and entered it into codis, which is the combine DNA source. All the sudden out of the blue we get a phone call that says hey we've identified who this stain belongs to."

It was Leoncio Perez Rueda.. A suspect who had originally been questioned. "Well we find out that Leoncio is in the prison system in New Mexico.He's days from being released." Trupe says.

Another sample of Rueda's blood confirms he is their suspect. "He finally admitted that he comitted the murder and accepted a 45 year sentence." Trupe says.

That same year... Detectives also crack the case of David Leroy Swinford... Who's throat is cut... He isn't found for several days inside his home in 1985.

"They lifted a finger print from inside the house, and for a long time that fingerprint wasn't identified. That fingerprint was resubmitted after so many years and bang it kicks back a name." Trupe says.

That name was Clark Kent Worth... Who had just recently moved back to Amarillo. "He confessed. He was given 10 years probation." Trupe says.

Trupe says he does not think about the sentences handed down. He is just happy the cases have been cleared.