Childress Police Locking Up After Shooting

A Texas panhandle police department is locking up after an armed man is shot inside its front door.

Officials locked that door Monday evening, but police say it was unlocked when Jeff Whitten walked in with his shotgun Sunday night. It's the first of changes the city and police force are discussing to keep people safe inside. Childress police and city officials say they've been considering beefing up security at the police station for months now. "We knew we needed something, we just haven't got it yet," says Police Chief Reece Bowen.

"What happened Sunday night might throw some more fuel on the fire on getting that done."
What happened Sunday night is Jeff Whitten walked right in the front door with a shotgun.  That's according to the Department of Public Safety. We're told Whitten refused to put down the gun, and an officer shot him in the arm. "If you walk into a police station anywhere in the United States with a weapon and are ordered to drop it and you don't, I would assume anywhere, any police station, you are going to be met with a serious reaction," says DPS Trooper Daniel Hawthorne.

Chief Bowen says now there must be a serious reaction to safety. "Starting this evening, the front door will be locked until sometime the next morning," the chief adds. He says locking up is the best he can do for now until the city can install a security system at his front door. Chief Bowen notes he'd like to see a camera installed at the door with a remote  opener so officers inside can see who is outside. That way they can decide whether or not to open it.