Family Says Man In Police Shooting Mentally Ill

The man who walked through these doors with a shotgun Sunday night is reportedly mentally ill. That's what the father of 39-year-old Jeff Whitten tells us. According to the Department of Public Safety, an officer ordered Whitten to put the gun down and shot him in the arm when he did not.

We're told Whitten is in stable condition following surgery at Northwest Texas Hospital. Whitten's father says his son had not been taking his medication for weeks. Texas Rangers are now trying to figure out what made Whitten bring a shot gun through the police department's front door.

"He was there and he had a gun and an officer shot him. All that is you know lining up just fine. The main thing is motive. What was he doing there? Why did he do this?" asks DPS Trooper Daniel Hawthorne.

Hawthorne says he cannot comment on whether Whitten is mentally ill.  The police department tells us they are making some safety changes after the shooting.