Sen. John Cornyn in Amarillo

United States Senator John Cornyn says dealing with illegal immigration is one of the most important responsibilities of the federal government.

During his visit to Ben E. Keith in Amarillo today, the senator said the government has not met that responsibility.

The Republican Senator says before September eleventh, many of us were under an illusion that nothing could harm us. But since that day, he says we have opened our eyes. And now we can no longer be naive when it comes to people entering our country to harm us.

Cornyn says if something is not done, the growing immigration problem will not only create chaos along the border, but taxpayers' will be forced to pay more to allow more money for government services.

Therefore, he says he is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, allowing legal immigrants to take part of our legal workforce.

He also says the federal government has not done its job in securing the border, even though it is the only entity with complete authority over the situation.

The Senator also said Amarillo's prosperous economy should be applauded. He says he believes businesses like Ben E. Keith, Bell Helicopter, and others help make Amarillo an ideal place to work and have a family.

During the Senator's visit, Ben E. Keith announced a new contract with more than 150 Sonic Drive-Ins.

The company says the contract will add up to 45 jobs, in addition to the 35 added when the company opened its new facility.