KZBZ Recall RoundUp, November 23rd

We told you over the course of the week on about
recalls on different cheap jewelry, recalled becuase of too much
lead. Lead played a roll in a few other recalls too.

These slip covers are supposed to help keep you comfortable when
nursing, but the zipper can choke your baby, and it has excessive
levels of lead. Made by the Bobby Company, they sold at discount
department stores from July 2006 through September 2007.

Also a victim of too much lead on the zipper, these children's pencil
pouches. Made by Raymond Geddes and Company, they were sold or
handed out in schools through October 2007.

Another product in school with too much lead that could affect your
children, these shaving paint brushes. Teachers could have bought
them from the Discount School Supply catalog from May 2004 through
August 2007.

And a product your child may use for outdoor fun, could instead
injure them. These Baja ATVs made by Baja Motorsports don't have a
tire pressure gauge or flag pole mounting bracket. They could turn
over and hurt the rider. They sold at retail outlets and ATV
dealerships from November 2004 through July 2007.

All of the products recalled for too much lead came from China.

Follow the link to find out the return information on all these
recalled products.