Don't Let Your Bird Go Up In Flames

Many families will attempt to deep fry their turkey's this year.... but as NewsChannel 10's Stephanae Benson demonstrates many of those attempts could end in fire.

Several home fires are set by people frying turkey's every year. So NewsChannel 10 and the Amarillo Fire Department teamed up to show you what not to do.

"What we're going to demonstrate right now, we're going to put a turkey in here and we've overfilled it intentionally to show what happens if the oil spills out the side." said Captain Bob Johnson of the Amarillo Fire Department.

If this does happen to you as your frying the bird this thanksgiving, Captain Johnson says make sure you have a fire extinguisher that's rated for flammable liquids handy.

"As long as you start 6 to 8 feet back and get the extinguisher flowing and direct the extinguishers at the base of the flames as we did here it puts it pretty quickly..and don't get near it because sometimes they can re-ignite."

Never to leave a turkey fryer unattended.  Also make sure you the correct amount of cooking oil and always make sure your turkey is fully thawed.   Since we've showed you what not to do when deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving, now to keep your bird from going up into flames, we'll tell what you should do.

"Set your turkey fryer up in an open space on level ground, not on a wooden deck or anything like that but a level ground away from fences and structures." said Johnson

Once the deep fryer is set up properly, Johnson says get that bird in to the pot safely.

"Heat the oil gradually, heat it up slowly, use a thermometer, when it gets to 350 degrees, take a fully thawed turkey, slowly lower it into the oil and make sure that oil level is at the proper oil level so it doesn't overflow."