Mystery Monday - Head in the Dumpster

A human head is pulled out of a dumpster.. It sounds like an episode of CSI... But just a year and a half ago that situation became real for Amarillo residents.

Tonight on Mystery Monday... NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin is re-opening the case file of John Doe 327.

He had 10 to 13 blunt force blows to the head... No body... And seminally no identity.

The case of John Doe 327 is tonights Mystery Monday.

"When I first saw it... It was almostunrecognizable as being human. They saw the remains of the head laying back there in ana area that is kind of an over fill area.. They could make out that it was a human head as they could see one eye.

There was a massive amount of damage.. The solid waste truck has a compactor that is on a corkscrew... That compacts the trash... And I am fairly confident that separated the head from the body." Lt. Gary Trupe with APD Special Crimes.

Confident the body would be found in the same truck where the head is located. Trucks continued to go to the landfill and pour out trash..

"It wasn't until they didn't find the body that they realized how big of a problem that was.

We were fairly confident that day we were going to find the rest of the body in the same truck .. They continued delivers out there until...Oops we didn't find it in the truck...So we shut down that portions of the landfill.

We spent a week at the city landfill... And to this day we haven't been able to locate the body that was attached to the head." Trupe says.

Trupe says the case isn't a priority right now because they don't believe he was murdered.

"All the injuries we see on his head could have been caused by that trash compactor and the solid waste truck..

There were no outside wounds, knife wounds, gun shot wounds anything like that.

That doesn't mean the other part of the body didn't... But if we can find out who he is we might be able to find background and find people that were with him that we can figure out maybe what was going on." Trupe says.

Trupe says DNA has been taken from the head... But the investigation will remain at a stand still until that DNA can identify him.