Baby Killed in Accident

A one and a half year old child is dead after being run over by a car Sunday night. The car was reportedly put into gear by another child.

A typical Sunday afternoon in an Eastridge area neighborhood immediately turned into a nightmare.

Amarillo police say it happened outside an apartment complex on 9th Street just after four o'clock.

The one and a half year old girl was reportedly playing outside her apartment when a four year old put the 1998 Toyota Camry into gear, striking the baby.

Police say a man was working on the stereo system in the trunk of the car when it started to roll forward.  He apparently tried to stop it, but couldn't.  The little girl was taken to the hospital where she later died.

Residents say they are shocked, because the child could have been one of their own.  Parents in the neighborhood say they all should make more of an effort to keep an eye on their children.

The investigation is ongoing and there is no word yet if charges will be filed.