Cost of a Thanksgiving Day Meal

The price of a Thanksgiving meal is going up on a national level, but Amarillo may go against that trend.

According to an annual survey the American Farm Bureau, the average national price of a Thanksgiving meal will be about $42.26.  That's an increase of $4.16 since last year.

The Bureau came up with that number based on the average prices of traditional Thanksgiving favorites, like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

One store manager in Amarillo, however, says the prices in Amarillo are actually lower than the national average and are even lower than they were last year.

"We're in a little bit different situation here we've got...we have a very highly competitive market here mainly with our competitors," said Joe Murray, manager at Fiesta Foods in Amarillo.

Murray said there is also plenty of food supply in our area, which helps keep the prices low.

Newschannel 10 went to the Fiesta Foods Supermarket and the United on Amarillo Boulevard and checked out the price of some of these ourselves.

We found that in most cases the prices in Amarillo were lower than the national average.

"Dairy products have gone up nationally, but this season they're being run at a reasonable price," said Murray.

NewsChannel 10 found that when it came to turkey, the average price of the bird at Fiesta Foods and United Supermarket was $8.52.  The national average was $17.63.  Of course, all food prices depend on a variety of different variables such as specials, sales, and brands.

3 Pounds of Sweet Potatoes: The average in Amarillo was $2.53 , the national average was $3.08.

14 oz of Cube Stuffing: In Amarillo $2.24. National Average $2.40.

To check out this year's survey go to the American Farm Bureau's web site at