Teens Abusing Contact Lenses May Lead To Blindness

Eye doctors are warning parents about a growing trend in teens, colored contact lenses that may cause blindness. 
It's about safety first, and vanity second, and the American Optometric Association says teens wearing colored contacts without a proper prescription is the number one cause of preventable blindness. 

"They want to change their eye color whether they have beautiful eyes or not, they just want a different color," said Nicole Radina an Optometrical Technician.
That's because they're cool to wear, they make you look good, but eye doctors say teens are abusing non-prescription colored contacts and ending up in their office.

"They'll assume that they can keep wearing those lenses that they are not a disposable so they will just use one pair of lenses which is supposed to be replaced every 2 weeks and wear it for 6 months to a year or until they come in with an eye infection is what usually happens, we'll see them with a big corneal ulcer or something like that," said Sr. Wesley Anderson a local Therapeutic Optometrist.

An infection that Dr. Anderson says can cause blindness.

"It just takes one big scar in your center of vision and you can't see anymore out of that eye." 
If worn the right way and with a prescription Optometrists say colored contacts can be safe. 

"It's still a contact just because it doesn't have a power in it. It's still a prescription, they still have to come in, they still have to have an exam just so that the doctor can verify that they can wear contacts and that it fits their eye properly and that it's going to work for them and not cause any problems."

Optometrists Also warn over wear colored or regular contacts can also lead to blindness.  So they offer a couple of tips for parents to remember whether your teen is wearing lenses.
The most important thing parents can do is make sure their teenager is removing their contact lenses at night. They can also make sure they are not swimming, showering or wearing the lenses longer than that lenses suggested time frame. They also need to change their contact lens case at least once a month.  When wearing contact lenses change the solution in your cases daily, otherwise your lenses won't be sterile and could cause an eye infection.