Money Taken from Make-A-Wish

A woman working for an area charity is now accused of stealing from children with life threatening medical conditions.

Police and make a wish officials estimate thousands of dollars was taken from the organization and used for personal benefit. All from debit cards that were suppose to be given to sick children.

Amarillo police began investigating 30 year old Janell Kite AKA Janell Bricker after an internal audit showed gift cards were missing.

She has now been charged with credit or debit card abuse. She is currently out on bond.

Make a wish officials and Amarillo Police tell NewsChannel 10... Kite admitted she stole money and spent it on herself...

But how much she allegedly took is still unknown.

"On their end as far as their audit... They were estimating maybe even 10 thousand. What was actually used... We don't know that yet. 12 to 18 cards. Some with smaller amounts, some with bigger amounts." Cpl Jerry Neufeld says.

Those who worked with kite say they are shocked about the situation.

Jelaine Workman with Make-A-Wish says, "When a children's charity is the victim of theft allegedly committed by a someone trusted within the organization... It's particularly distressing."

Workman says this set back has not changed their service to children in our area.

"We want people to know that our ability to grant each and every qualified child's wish has not been impacted by these alleged actions. We remain committed to granting the heart filled wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions in the 55 counties we serve." Workman says.

In the 2007 fiscal year, Make-A-Wish granted more than 70 children's dreams.

They are asking the public not to judge the actions of an alleged corrupt employee and continue to support their cause.