Women Charged with Stealing Money from Sick Kids

A woman in charge of fulfilling wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions ... Is charged with stealing from them instead.

Every make a wish child is granted a debit card, with money for them to spend...

But some kids apparently weren't getting the cards... Because they were allegedly being used for an employees own benefit.

After a viewer tip... We did some digging and found that a Janell Kite aka Janell Bricker... Reportedly admitted to make a wish officials she was taking the gift cards and spending the money personally.

She now faces credit or debit card abuse charges... Which could land her in jail for two years if convicted... And leave her with a 10 thousand dollar fine.

She is currently out on bond and awaiting trail. We are still investigating what happened and just how much money was taken... We will have that for you tonight at six.